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A warm "benvenuto"

Welcome to my beauty centre!
I take pride in offering a range of professional beauty treatments, custom-tailored to your skin type and needs via a thorough skin and body analysis.
Thanks to periodic update courses at the most renowned beauty academies in Italy and all over Europe, and to the use of high quality products, you will be able to benefit from state of the art, safe and effective beauty treatments, all offered with my affability and spontaneity "Made in Italy".

About me

My name is Sonia Rossi, I am Italian and I have been living in Holland, in The Hague, for several years.
I am a certified beautician, specialised in Ayurvedic treatments as well as in traditional bio-cosmetics, manicure and pedicure; I am also a certified practitioner of manual lymphatic drainage massage, a very exclusive gentle massage.
You don't speak Italian? No problem, I speak Dutch and English.


Much more than just a beauty treatment

Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic system: diagnosis and therapy take into account all aspects of mind, body and soul, namely the balanced working of all vital functions.

The products used for these treatments, from KAMA Ayurveda, are formulated according to the original prescriptions and with organically grown vegetable ingredients.




Traditional beauty treatments

Traditional beauty treatments of proven effectiveness and professionally executed, with products featuring natural principles.

Among the massages, the lymphatic drainage encourages the natural flow of the lymph strengthening natural immunity and aiding in reducing fluid retention, tissue swelling and cellulite.

Pressotherapy is a computer controlled compression system with 24 inflating chambers. It promotes the body's natural toxin clearing functions, it revitalises and oxygenates the tissues and aids to slim and redefine legs, buttocks and abdomen.

Looking for a massage both relaxing and invigorating? The Swedish massage helps to increase the oxygen flow in the blood, to release toxins from the muscles as well as to soothe the nervous system.


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Effective yet gentle solutions

Thanks to techniques specific for each part of the body and skin type, the hair removal is accomplished with gentleness and efficacy.

With epilation, the hair gets removed from the root, contrary to the traditional removal with surface methods like shaving and creams.

The epilation, therefore, produces results which last longer and, at the same time, causes the hair to be softer and finer than before, when it grows again.

IPL hair removal (ask for prices)

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An accurate selection from the product lines I daily use in my beauty centre, specifically chosen so that the customer could continue the service experience at home.


I invite you to my centre to show and illustrate all products and their characteristics.


Sonia Rossi
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Beauty Centre | Centro Estetico

Bazarstraat 15
2518 AE Den Haag
Telephone:  +31 6 45 34 35 90
KvK nr Den Haag: 55011691
BTW nr: NL002450652B65


For appointments, please call me or send an e-mail.

It might happen that I cannot answer the phone because busy with a treatment: in such a case, please leave a message and I will call you back, when necessary.

Some of the treatments as offered on this website can be bundled in beauty packages, with convenient prices. Ask me for more information.

It is kindly requested to inform me 24 hours in advance, should you wish to cancel the appointment.

All prices published on this website are valid until the next revision and include the BTW 21%.